Core Team

Dr. Daehwan Kim

Expert in Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management

Dr. Daehwan Kim is an expert in quantitative equity portfolio management. He develops our factor model, equity portfolio analytics and risk management system.

Dr. Daehwan Kim is a professor of Economics in Konkuk University. Previously, Daehwan was a senior portfolio manager in First Private Investment Management. He was a senior Economist in FOLIOfn, Inc.

Dr. Daehwan Kim is considered a foremost expert in equity portfolio construction and management. He is a co-author with Ludwig Chincarini of the seminal textbook “Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management” (New York: McGraw Hill, 2006).

Daehwan holds a B.S. in Economics from Seoul National University and a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University.

Core Team


Dr. Haksun Li

Founder & CEO

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Chief Technology Officer
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Dr. Raphael Douady

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Dr. Antoine Savine

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Dr. Derek Wang

Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Excecutive Advisor
Daehwan Kim

Dr. Daehwan Kim

Expert in Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management
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Yucheng Zhao

Chief Sales Officer