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We offer access to Chinese financial markets for Western investors.

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With more than a decade of experience in the automatic trading business in China,
we can help customers set up the local operations smoothly and swiftly. ​

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Quantitative products & services


A large Java library of financial analytics and modules which can be used to build your own trading strategies, bots and trading systems.

Quantitative Trading Models

We have many financial algorithms, including, but not limited to, portfolio optimization/asset allocation, trend following and mean reverting strategies.

Risk Management System

A web application for quantitative equity portfolios and asset allocation. You can choose from a number of advanced models to estimate returns, covariance matrices, and to do portfolio optimization.

Risk Factors & Indices

Daily-updated and professionally maintained comprehensive database of risk factors and indices for both the US and Chinese markets.

PolyModel & Multi-Regime Portfolio Optimization

New Trading Tools for All Weather Markets. Navigating through Calm and Agitated Markets.

China Bond Analytics

SuperCurve is the most accurate yield curve for the Chinese market. A core engine is built on top of our proprietary zero-coupon yield curve construction.

Global connections

North America

Grimes & Company, Inc.
Cowen, Inc.
Parallax Quantitative Asset Management


Beijing AI&HPC
Shanghai Jianyong Asset Management
Shenzhen Robo Financial
Chorys Limited, Inc.
Call Levels, Inc.


Xenfin Capital Ltd
Argentière Capital AG

Our Team

Our team consists of experts in finance, mathematics and computer science.
We provides top quality products and services to help clients find better solutions.


Dr. Haksun Li

Founder & CEO

Dr. Kevin Sun


Dr. Ken Yiu

Chief Technology Officer
Raphael Douady

Dr. Raphael Douady

Chief Research Officer
Antoine Savine

Dr. Antoine Savine

External Advisor

Dr. Derek Wang

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Alfred Shang

Chief Excecutive Advisor
Daehwan Kim

Dr. Daehwan Kim

Expert in Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management
yuchengzhao 433x433

Yucheng Zhao

Chief Sales Officer

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