Trading In China

NM FinTech team has rich trading experience in Chinese market and have experts in Consulting, Trading Platform Development and High Performance Computing (HPC) for back-testing and data process.

We can help you with different types of investment instruments, and assist on the areas including: Legal implementation, Data Source, Platform Development and Market Access etc...

Trading in China
Consulting Services

Covering every aspect about trading in the Chinese financial market.


With local 10-years of automatic trading experience, we provide the customers a wide range of consulting services on trading in China, which includes data, architecture, trading platform and trading platform APIs, co-location services, advantageous fee structure, very fast connections, High Performance Computing (HPC), and legal ways to pursue automated trading in China. 

More specifically, the following aspects are covered:

  • Data for back-testing
  • Data connection with real-time prices
  • Trading and fast APIs
  • Fund of Fund (FoF): We can help setting up a FOF with some of the best performing funds here in China.

Trading Platform

Top trading speed in China with limited latency.


Trading CN stocks, futures, and options in one platform with multi-user and multi-strategy management.  All main-stream programing languages like Python/Java/C++/Ruby/MATLAB are supported. 

In China, there are various trading APIs for stocks, futures and options. The users have to learn different APIs, which is a heavy burden. We maintain a comprehensive and a consistent solution to trade stocks, futures and options with the same API. The users just need to learn it once and save a lot of time from tedious work. 

  • Support trading stocks, futures and options. 
  • Automated trading support:(synchronized and asynchronized orders)
  • Detailed Risk management Support
  • Safety
  • Extensible
  • Stable
  • User friendly
  • Modularity

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Back testing and real-time trading with great computing power solutions.


HPC plays a crucial role in trading, for example in parameter optimization, implied volatility pre-calculation, and CN stock Level2 data processing. We are experts in HPC, with a solid background in HPC architecture design, deployment, and optimizations to help the customers to deploy HPC in back-testing and trading.

  • Parameter Optimization
  • Pre-calculated implied volatility
  • CN Level 2Stock Market-Data Processing

Data Sources & Analysis

We can provide various data sources including market data, self-calculated indices and factors.


As a long-term participant in China, NM FinTech has very rich experience with the Chinese data industry. We find our customers the most appropriate data sources, and also provide our own proprietary unique factors and data sources. 

  • Fundamental data, Trading data and Alternative data
  • Proprietary intraday data and indices
  • Thousands of market factors/imdicators.

Fixed Income Market


SuperCurve is a software and a data tool to help traders, market makers and brokers to stay continuously updated of  the fixed income securities market and assist them in their trading activity. Fixed income trading tools in the Chinese Market which are currently available are oversimplistic and don’t allow a proper monitoring of the full market in real time. Based on the yield-to-maturity of each bond or IRS, they are not adapted to handle an irregular data feed prone to errors and fake trades. SuperCurve aims at making up for these shortcomings. SuperCurve collects quotes and transactions from a number of sources and uses this information flow in real time to maintain a permanently up-to-date and faithful representation of each segment of the fixed income market: T-bonds, CDB bonds, EIBC&ADBC bonds, SHIBOR3M and FR007 swaps.


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