Consulting Service

The NM FinTech team consists of experienced PhDs and world-renowned professors. We have a wide ranage of expertise and years of industrial experience that you can trust. Our research interests include financial engineering, trading strategy, artificial intelligence, asset allocation (portfolio optimization) and statistical modeling.


Brokerage Houses

Multinational Corporations

Very High Net Worth Individuals

Gambling Groups

Academic Institutions


  • Consulting

    We can help you fully exploit AlgoQuant and our other products. We work with you in all stages of mathematical modeling and implementation.

  • Quantitative Finance

    Our team consists of experts in the field of quantitative finance, especially, in algorithmic/quantitative trading and risk management. We partner with family offices and funds to develop trading model and technology infrastructure.

  • Code Refactoring

    In our years of working in the industries, we have seen (big) corporations which have bad code due to many reasons, e.g., legacy. We have seen code that is just copy and paste from textbook. If you would like to renovate your code base, we can help refactor your code. We will make your code solidly object-oriented and more importantly testable.

  • Partnered Development

    We are open to collaboration in developing new products. If you are to develop and distribute to the public a product that uses AlgoQuant, we would like to hear from you. Maybe we can work together!

  • Training

    We offer presentations, lectures and courses in mathematics, financial engineering and object-oriented programming.

  • Teaching and Research

    If you are an academic institution or a research organization and would like to use AlgoQuant in your courses or research, we will be glad to help.