Operation Consulting Service

With more than a decade of experience in the automatic trading business in China, we can help customers set up the local operations smoothly and swiftly. We can advise on areas such as regulations, trading rules, brokerage firms and best fees, data vendors, trading platform and API, co-location and fastest connection, connections with top traders.

  • Data Vendors

    We recommend data vendors and broker the best fees for histrocal data (for back testing) and real-time data (for trading).

  • Connectivity and Real-time Prices

    We ensure that you get the fastest possible setup for trading on real-time data, such as co-location place, fastest API and connection from brokerage firms.

    We have a High-Performance Computing infrastructure to process real time data flow, capable of simultaneously processing more than 3000 stocks.

  • Trading


    • ensure the client satisfy all legal and compliance requirements to use API to do automated trading in China;
    • give the client a comprehensive view of the quantitative trading industry in China, covering the landscape, major players, the technologies, the popular trading strategies and the news;
    • provide an out-of-box and comprehensive solution to trade stocks, futures and options. Support a wide range of programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, Ruby and MATLAB;
    • transfer knowledge of the details of the trading rules in the Chinese market;
    • negotiate the best trading fees with brokerage firms;

  • FoF

    We introduce you to the top traders in the industry to setup your fund (of funds) business, equity traders, high-frequency traders, commodity traders, bond traders, futures traders. we have an extensive network of human resources in China.