All-In-One Trading Platform

In China, the space for trading APIs is very fragmented and confusing. There are different APIs for stocks, futures and options. Even for stocks, there are many choices. A user often needs to learn many sets of APIs, often from different vendors, to trade cross products. Coding with them is even more difficult. Designing and constructing a uniform set of APIs in one trading system is very challenging. Our out-of-box comprehensive trading solution provides a uniform and consistent set of APIs to trade all Chinese products covering stocks, futures and options, suitable for both low and high frequency trading. Our APIs are well documented, tested, supported and optimized to alleviate traders from the burden of using a mixed of protocols, reducing the risk of IT errors. The traders can focus on trading rather than struggling with order execution bugs.

Trading System Architecture

  • Stocks
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Synchronized and asynchronized orders
  • Consistent APIs for all asset classes
  • Support all major programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, Ruby, MATLAB
  • Can process more than 30,000 orders per second, zipped transmission
  • Can be easily extended to trade new exchanges, new APIs and new instruments
  • Multi-user, multi-strategy; manages orders, profits and fees by accounts, users, strategies and instruments
  • Administrator can set up trading constraints and risk management rules for different users, strategies, accounts and instruments. For example, setting non-trading lists can avoid reverse transactions.
  • Monitor potential risks, block risky transactions, give early warnings and reports.
  • Support distributed deployment
  • Support different team size
  • Support different combinations of modules
  • Support extensions
  • Deployed on the client’s permises, highly secured
  • \Encrypted authentication
  • Automated settlement and checking
  • High availability, no single point of failure
  • Intuitive GUI for montoring and management
  • Pretty charts for visualization