About Us

NM FinTech LTD. is the bridge between the academia and the industry to make available the advanced financial theories at your fingertips, covering classical models, latest publications as well as active research topics. We combine hundreds of top refereed papers and decades of industrial experience in leading financial institutions to create a library of the state-of-the-art financial analytics. Based on that, we build an innovative research platform for quantitative wealth management, quantitative trading and risk management. The founding team members are renowned professors and PhDs from top universities with real world financial experience.

We are entering the era of Mobile Internet, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. As a financial technology company, NM FinTech integrates the most advanced technologies and algorithms to create a revolutionary quantitative trading research and decision-making system. We provide efficient quantitative trading tools for global capital markets and quantitative traders.

NM FinTech’s product line is a quantitative solution based on the AlgoQuant quantization platform. While providing the perfect quantitative testing tool, the company provides a world-leading library of financial mathematical models to help customers build more effective asset allocation strategies.

Since the inception, NM FinTech has owned dozens of international clients. Our company’s core model library covers the research results from internationally renowned scholars in the field of quantification in the past decade. We successfully applied these results to the real-world practice.

NM FinTech has completed the A round of investment in Hong Kong. We are now negotiating with the investment institutions for the second round investment.