Can I feed AlgoQuant live data? I am trading on ProRealTime IG, Interactive Brokers, Robinhood. Will I be able to use your algos on it?

AlgoQuant is a library of financial analytics. At its foundation is an event-processing architecture. You can feed historical, simulated data to the loop to back testing strategy. You can also feed live data to it for trading. The latter requires you to call the brokerage’s API to get live feed and to submit orders for execution. We currently have some support for Interactive Brokers options trading. You can also contract us to add support for your favorite broker’s API.

Our algorithms come with source code. If you use our language-independent trading platform, you can use our algos out-of-box. You can also call Java code from Python, C++ and most modern languages. You can also translate from our code to your favorite language, if really needed.

AlgoQuant is not an application out of box. It is a programming library that you can use to build your own application. You can use it to build your own trading system or research system for stocks, crypto, futures, options, bonds and etc.

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