Core Team

Dr. Haksun Li

Founder & CEO

Dr. Haksun Li is a founder and the CEO of NM FinTech LTD., a financial analytics company. He has the vision of “Making the World Better using Mathematics”. Under his leadership, the firm serves worldwide brokerage houses and funds, multinational corporations and very high net worth individuals. Haksun is an expert in options trading, asset allocation, portfolio optimization and fixed income product pricing. He coded up two of the company’s products: portfolio management system (for equities) as well as supercurve (for bonds). Prior to this, Haksun was a quantitative trader/quantitative analyst with multiple investment banks. He has worked in New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore.

Dr. Haksun Li is the Vice Dean of the Big Data Finance and Investment Institute of Fudan University, China. He was an adjunct professor with multiple universities. He has taught at the National University of Singapore (Mathematics), Nanyang Technological University (Business School), Fudan University (Economics), as well as Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Mathematics).

Dr. Haksun Li has a B.S. and M.S. in Pure and Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago, an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Academic Duties

Dr. Haksun Li is/was

  • a Vice Dean of the Big Data Finance Institute of Fudan University, China;
  • an Adjunct Professor of the FuDan Stanford China Financial Technologies and Security Institute, Fu Dan University, China;
  • an Adjunct Assistant Professor of the Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore;
  • an Adjunct Associate Professor of Banking & Finance at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University. He was also an industry fellow.

He also taught at these universities in the past.

Core Team


Dr. Haksun Li

Founder & CEO

Dr. Kevin Sun


Dr. Ken Yiu

Chief Technology Officer
Raphael Douady

Dr. Raphael Douady

Chief Research Officer
Antoine Savine

Dr. Antoine Savine

External Advisor

Dr. Derek Wang

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Alfred Shang

Chief Excecutive Advisor
Daehwan Kim

Dr. Daehwan Kim

Expert in Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management
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Yucheng Zhao

Chief Sales Officer