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    We have released an update of SuanShu, the Java numerical and statistical library. http://www.numericalmethod.com/trac/numericalmethod/wiki/SuanShu
    This is a major release.

    Other highlights are as the following.


    • improved the performance of various core linear algebra operations, e.g., eigen decomposition, singular value decomposition, QR decomposition, Cholesky decomposition, Householder reflection, forward/backward substitution, matrix inverse, etc.
    • improved the performance of sparse matrix package
    • added new features in stats/random package: ConcurrentStandardNormalRNG, HypersphereRVG, ThinRNG/RVG, BurnInRNG/RVG, random vector generation, etc.
    • added new features in stats/distribution package: TriangularDistribution, MultinomialDistribution, DirichletDistribution, etc.
    • added DQDS and MR3 algorithms for efficient eigen decomposition of symmetric matrix
    • fixed issues in PositiveDefiniteMatrixByPositiveDiagonal when the range of eigenvalues is too large
    • fixed stack overflow issue in LPBoundedMinimizer
    • other minor bugfixes


    • added CSDPMinimizer for solving SDP problems
    • added QPDualActiveSetMinimizer for solving QP problems
    • fixed multiple bugs in HomogeneousPathFollowingMinimizer
    • fixed divide-by-zero issue in QPSimpleMinimizer
    • fixed stack overflow issue in QPPrimalActiveSetMinimizer


    • added ‘mcmc’ package for sampling from distributions
    • added new features in stats/random/variancereduction: AntitheticVariates, ControlVariates, CommonRandomNumbers, ImportanceSampling, etc.
    • added UnconstrainedLASSObyCoordinateDescent for solving LASSO problems
    • added CovarianceSelectionGLASSOFAST for covariance selection
    • fixed bugs in CointegrationMLE
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