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    We have released an update of SuanShu, the Java numerical and statistical library.
    This release has many changes and bug fixes. The highlights are as the following.

    • Dynamic Creation algorithm for generating Mersenne-Twister RNG
    • new ‘grid’ package for distributed computing
    • new Crank-Nicolson solver for Convection-Diffusion equation
    • new SDPT3 solver for Second Order Cone Programming (SOCP) problems
    • performance improvement

    More information can be found in the javadoc http://www.numericalmethod.com/javadoc/suanshu/.
    This version is not backward compatible with all previous releases.
    suanshu-2.3.0.zip can be downloaded from: http://numericalmethod.com/suanshu/
    Note: If you have trouble downloading the file, e.g., download interrupted, try to temporarily disable your anti-virus software.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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