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For Brent optimization algorithm, the iteration stops either the “tol” criteria are satisfied or max number of iterations is reached.
For the “tol” criteria, we have (as in the javadoc):

    * We stop the search when
    * 1. (xu – xl) < 2 * |x| * tol
    * 2. |xmin – mid| < |x| * tol
    * Hence,
    * (xu – xl)/2 + |xmin – mid| < 2 * |x| * tol ≈ tol2
    * @see “Chapter 10.3, Numerical Recipes.”

The code we use is:

For your question on Nelder-Mead, your way of counting the number of iterations is wrong. This line has problem:

Each Nelder-Mead iteration may consist of the reflection, expansion, contraction and reduction step. The objective function may be called multiple times during each iteration. For more information, please see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nelder%E2%80%93Mead_method

In your example, the objective function is called 82 times in (possibly fewer than) 40 Nelder-Mead iterations.

As a side note: Nelder-Mead is notoriously known to perform poorly for univariate function optimisation.