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Frankly speaking, this is the single most useful course I have ever taken in college. It is a course that help us take a glimpse at how quantitative trading in industry is like (though still far from the real thing). I have really learnt a lot.

Unlike the conventional NUS modules, which emphasize on systemic and rigorous learning of theories, QF5205 is taught in an easy-to-apply way. In theory class, Dr Li inspired us to think deep and out of the conventional wisdom; in programming class, he gave us the whole picture and let ourselves to explore and fill in the blanks.

Usually I am the type of student that would wonder or fall asleep in class and constantly check time. However in Dr Li’s, I always maintain complete focus throughout class and always experience the feeling of ‘time flies’.

Last but not least, Dr Li’s sharing of his spectacular experience and insight of the industry is so valuable to every of us.

In the end, I give my best wishes to his career and his family.