Reply To: news in AlgoQuant


hi jose123456789,

Let me answer your questions one by one:
> Is there an easier way to do it or I have to follow the same logic as for Depth and repeat simjilar classes?
DepthCaches may be too comprehensive to duplicate. You may refer to TimerEvent as a simpler example. Basically,
you just need to:
1. create a new event type by extending Event class (e.g., NewsEvent) and its corresponding handler by extending StrategyHandler (e.g., NewsHandler).
2. add an entry in a ChannelMessageHandlerFactories (similar to that for TimerEvent).
After that, your strategy can implement NewsHandler, and your simulator can accept NewsEvent by calling


where newsCache is just a SequentialCache (it’s not necessary to create a new class NewsCache, but it’s up to you if you want to add features to that type of cache).

> can I pass simultanelously?


hope this help.