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Hi Akhil,

thanks for your question.

When you run an application with SuanShu.NET from Visual Studio, the license file has to be in the same folder as the compiled executable. In most cases this is bin\Debug or bin\Release.

Now since in your case you are using OpenQuant instead of Visual Studio and OpenQuant doesn’t run your code in a separate executable, the license file needs to be in the same folder as the OpenQuant executable (i.e. the folder that is called ‘OpenQuant’).

However there is one final difficulty: Since the OpenQuant folder by default requires administrator privileges to move the license file there (Windows will prompt you), OpenQuant will fail to open the file.

There are two possible solutions: Run OpenQuant as administrator, or change the permissions on the license file (Properties->Security->Edit) such that normal ‘Users’ can read the file. The second option would definitely be the preferred one!

Please let me know if that solves your problem.