Consulting Service

The NM FinTech Limited’s team consists of dedicated PhDs and professors from world-renowned universities. We have a diverse range of scientific branch expertise and years of industrial experience that you can trust. Our research interests include financial engineering, trading strategies, artificial intelligence, optimization and statistical modeling.


Brokerage Companies


Very High Net Worth Individuals

Gambling Groups

Academic Institutions


Our Advisory Service specializes in identifying how we can help client reach goals with insights and strategies. A key benefit is that tailored instructions and guidelines will be provided on how to implement AlgoQuant as well as other products. We work with clients at all stages of Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Computational Implementation.

Quantitative Finance

We bring together adroit leaders in quantitative finance industry and academia particularly in realms of algorithms and quantitative transactions. We collaborate with a large number of financial institutions such as hedge funds and investment banks to develop trading models and technology infrastructure.


In many years of programming in industry, we have seen engineers develop untidy and inefficient code. Cogent code carries out speedily and takes up fewer resources. It prepares you to review, learn from, reuse, and adapt the code. We provide technical support to clean up your code, reduce the clutter and improve the readability without causing any side effects.


Cooperative Development

We embrace new challenges over and above what we already have. We open up an opportunity for you to grow your business, improve your distribution network and forge novel ideas. We are sincerely willing to cooperate with you to create a more promising future.


We provide courses and lectures taught by eminent teachers and scholars. The goal of our educational program is to expand access to quantitative finance for all who wish to learn. We have a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and practical knowledge. Our training consists of three distinct parts: mathematics, financial engineering and object-oriented programming. We welcome you to explore the mathematical finance world with us.

Teaching and Research

Our product support provides wide-range assistance. This includes support for research and learning. Whether you are a full-time faculty, research staff member at a university or other research institution, students, adjunct faculty, or part-time faculty/staff may participate in the research and would like to use AlgoQuant in your course or research, we are more than happy to help.